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One of the most disappointing and misunderstood aspects of our criminal justice system is that a victim of a crime is little more than a witness in the eyes of the law. Court proceedings have a goal of bringing a perpetrator to justice, and they rely upon victims’ testimony to support their case. But once the trial is over, the victim is left with little more than the satisfaction of having been heard, and hopefully of making a difference. If you’re the victim of a crime, the only way to be made whole is through a civil proceeding, with representation from an experienced and compassionate victims’ rights lawyer. The attorneys at Rogers Castor are dedicated to getting you the justice you deserve.

What Are Victims' Rights?

While criminal trials seek guilty verdicts and jail time, a victims’ rights attorney takes your case into a civil trial, where a jury isn’t asked for a verdict of guilt or innocence — they’re asked to decide whether the offender has hurt you, and to provide compensation for the injuries and pain you’ve endured. At Rogers Castor, our attorneys understand both the criminal justice system and the civil justice system. We make sure that the jury understands the crime, as well as the damage that you’ve suffered. We move beyond the punishment that prosecutors pursue, focusing instead on getting a tangible result for you, the victim, no matter the outcome of the criminal trial.

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Whether you’ve been robbed or cheated, injured in an accident or assault or suffered the pain of losing a loved one, a civil proceeding gives you the chance to pursue the assets of those who hurt you. The victims’ rights lawyers at Rogers Castor will be your advocate in the pursuit of justice.


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